The North Face

The Box

Shot around LA and Palm Springs, the concept for that video was to create a short story for the upcoming North Face Tyvek Aluminum collection coming early March 2018.

The whole idea was to create a story around the box that’s being used as a promotional item with the collection. The product comes with the orange box featured in the video.

The video takes place in a not so distant future where global warming has rendered areas outside of the cities inhospitable and our main character must deliver this box outside of the city deep into the wastelands.

Director: Charles Lanceplaine
Director of Photography: Charlie Sarroff
Producer: Kristin Skar Forseth
Executive Producer: Kristian Kvam Hansen
First AC: Michael Lincoln
2nd AC: Chris Marius Jones
Producer: Kristin Skar Forseth
Coordinator: Johnny Hernandez
Assistant Producer: Jonathon Lim
Associate Producer: Cathleen Chen
Editor: David Markun
Grading: Nicolas Guibert @MPC
Sound Design & Mix: Kian How
Music: College РFronti̬re
VO: Yumi Chu
Stylist: Lucas Buzas
Photographer: Conan Thai
Talents: Thurston and Saida

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.