Shanghai 6

A Film by Charles Lanceplaine.
Produced by PUSH Media

Skateboarding in Shanghai has radically changed over the years, going from a free for all skate spots to a heavily regulated practice. “Shanghai 6” is the sequel to “Shanghai 5”, a 2010 documentary about the burgeoning skate scene. The new opus focuses on the radical changes the scene has undergone in the past decade and what it means for the local skate community.
Directed, shot and edited by Charles Lanceplaine
Edited by: Victor Ivanov, Ben Hiew, Amerigo Brini, Jay Meador
Additional filming: Tommy Zhao, Brian Kleiber, Jay Meador, Victor Ivanov, Nanking Joe, Andrea Colzani, Malik Ndiaye, Kyle Camarillo
Drone footage: Alex Greenberg, Charles Lanceplaine
Artwork: Keflione / Royal Club Shanghai
Produced by Push Media

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.