Red Bull

Playing Fields

Take a trip through the world of Japanese gaming during 2018-19. Explore the virtual landscape and meet some of the key people at the forefront of the country’s video game industry.

This series that we have been working on for the past 2 years covers different aspects of the Japanese gaming industry: Arcade, E-sports, Indie and AAA games.

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Director: Charles Lanceplaine, Daniel Agha-Rafei
Co-Director: Jonathon Lim
Executive Producer: Kristin Skar Forseth, Kristian Kvam Hansen, Joseph George
Producer: Ken Bhatt
Line Producer: Malik Ndiaye, Jia Zhou
DOP: Victor Ivanov, Daniel Agha-Rafei, Charles Lanceplaine
Still Photographer: Charles Lanceplaine
Editor: Victor Ivanov, Charles Lanceplaine, Amerigo Brini, Daniel Agha-Rafei
Logo Design: Royal Club Shanghai
Sound Design & Original Composition: Paolo Baglio
Translator: Yu Muroga, Zhamilya Tyulemissova
Client: Red Bull
Production: PUSH Media

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.