Red Bull

Inspire the Night

Red Bull‘s “Inspire the Night” series is a show that goes behind the scenes with nightlife curators around the world. The episode we shot features NÜSHÙ, a female-identifying collective contributing to the rapidly growing, vibrant music scene in Shanghai. With monthly workshops, meet-ups and panels, the NÜSHÙ community provides a stepping stone for next generation of female musicians, Producers, DJs and Artists. Get to know this collective on the rise.

Director: Daniel Agha-Rafei
Executive Producer: Kristin Skar Forseth

Producer: Effy Qiu
Line Producer: Jia Zhou
DP: Marc Ressang & Victor Ivanov
Editor: Daniel Agha-Rafei & Victor Ivanov

Original Composition: Sonia Callico
Still Photography: Mathilde Agius

Production Company: PUSH
Client: Red Bull
Location: Shanghai

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.