Lim Kim


After a 4 year break from the Korean Music industry, the now-independent singer Lim Kim released a 6-track EP, “Generasian”, solely with funding help from her Korean fanbase.

We became part of Lim Kim’s most recent project when we got the chance to create two new music videos for the artist together with LA-based director Christine Yuan.

Director: Christine Yuan
Executive Producer: Kristian Kvam Hansen

Producer: Effy Qiu
DP: Charlie Sarroff
1st AD: Effy Qiu
Art Director: Xiaolei Ying
Gaffer: Brian Nai
Editor: Amerigo Lentini
Stylist: Cheyuan Lee & Fenfen Hsu
HMU: Haojie Wan & Team
Colorist: MPC Shanghai

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.