Adidas Originals

JD Sports x Adidas Kwame

Kwame is one of the Australian’s new generation of rappers from the African Diaspora that is reshaping the Australian hip hop landscape. Although working with a small team and a quick deadline- we were still able to dig into Kwame’s immigrant roots and portray an inspirational and uplifting story about self belief.

Together with agency Andpeople this was fast-paced, agile production from start to finish with less than 10 days from briefing through to release.

Some times less is more when you have some one as charismatic as Kwame- we put him front and center and captured him in multiple formats- Film, VHS, Digital and Stills.

Released in a range of formats and platforms- 1min IGTV and in grid, in-store and billboards screens.

Creative Director: Alexander Wu-Kim

Project Manager: Sarah Indraputri

EP: Jonathon Lim

Director/DP/Stills: Ash Lim

Edit: Victor Ivanov

Production: PUSH Media

Creative Agency: Andpeople

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.