Gai x TMall

For the occasion of Tmall’s “Chinese Fashion Day” on May 10th, we created a short music video featuring Chinese Hip-Hop superstar GAI.

In this song, 当潮不让 (Dāng cháo bù ràng), GAI lyrically expresses how new Chinese Streetwear and Designer brands are coming in strong and influence the young generation.

Director: Sing Sing
Executive Producer & Producer: Effy Qiu
DOP: Allen Lv
Line Producer: 平克 Pink & Gabriel He
Art Director: Jiewen Ren
1st AD:JiJi
Gaffer: Zhu Xiao
Stylist: Cheyuan Lee
HMU: Ron Tian
Prop Master: Da He
BTS Photography: Mathieu Rabary⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Editor: Amerigo Brini
Colorist: Simon Astbury (Digital Domain)
Online: Arfey
Production Company: PUSH Media
Agency:WMY – AD

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.