Beats By Dre

Beats by Dre x Higher Brothers

After collaborating with the Chengdu rappers The Higher Brothers on a documentary for CNN, a rap song collaboration with Steph Curry and multiple music videos all in a matter of a few months – we were tapped by 88 Rising and Beats by Dre to create an in-depth documentary on the production of their track ‘7-11’.

A slow-jam ode to buying food at 7-11 late at night, presumably when they’re high.

Director: Jonathon Lim

Producer: Xixi Nie

DP: Paul Morris

Story Producer: Rony Shao

Editor: Leon Yan

Colourist: Nikola Stefanovic @MPC

MGMT: 88 Rising

Production Company: PUSH

Location: Chengdu

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.