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Shinjuku Flagship Store Launch

PUSH Japan for Adidas Originals: Shinjuku Flagship Store Launch

To announce the launch of Adidas Originals’ brand-new flagship store in Shinjuku, we created a hyper-kinetic promotional video that showcased the neighbourhood’s identity as Tokyo’s most exciting cultural melting pot. Soundtracked by a dark and grimy original jungle beat by Tokyo producer Mars89, and featuring interviews with some of Japan’s premier pop artists, including Keiichi Tanaami and Yudai Nishi, speaking about how Shinjuku has influenced their creative process, this video puts both Shinjuku — and the new Adidas Originals flagship store — firmly on Tokyo’s cultural map. Featured on FNMNL and archived on all Adidas channels including YouTube.


Director: Dan Buyanovsky
Director of Photography: Mikul Eriksson
Executive Producer: Mike Sunda
Producers: Yuumi Aoyama, Rosa Barbaran
1st AC: Mikael Senninge, Asumi Sako
Still Photography: Ameya Jane
Editor: Victor Ivanov
Colorist: Mikul Eriksson
Original Music: Mars89
Storyboarding: Jeremy Hannigan
Equipment Rental: James Latimer

Client: Alyssa Kato – Adidas Japan
Production Company: PUSH Japan

Special Thanks / Appearances By: Keiichi Tanaami, Yudai Nishi, Takahiro Koga, Jado Kano, Sena N’Singi, Cameron Tanaka, Yuhki Koshiba, Hibi Bliss, DJ Poipoi

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