Adidas Gift-Giving Campaign 2020

PUSH Japan closes out 2020 with a seasonal integrated campaign for Adidas Japan

As the end of a very challenging year approached, Adidas were looking to roll out a campaign themed around “gift-giving” across their major markets. We were tasked with concepting and producing all assets for Japan. Whereas other markets naturally focused on Christmas, in Japan, the 25th is culturally less about gift-giving and more about couples / dating, so we designed the local campaign around the holistic action of giving thanks to loved ones after a tough 2020.

Featuring three of the brand’s top athletes — climber Miho Nonaka, rugby player Yoshikazu Fujita, and basketball player Monica Okoye — we told their authentic stories as they gave gifts and thanked their coaches, families and friends for some much-needed support throughout 2020.

The anthem video for the campaign was directed by Umi Ishihara, portrait photography shot on film by Houmi Sakata, and graphic design by Minori Murata — three of Japan’s most exciting, up-and-coming creatives. The anthem spot also featured original music by up-and-coming Kansai-based rapper and producer, Le Makeup.


Director: Umi Ishihara
EP: Mike Sunda
Creative Director: Dan Buyanovsky
DPs: Gen Ito, Matt de Sousa
Producer: Yuumi Aoyama
Gaffer: Jun Tanaka
Sound: Giles Khan
Edit / Color: Victor Ivanov
Music: Le Makeup
HMU: Phoebe Lin
Stylist: Erika Yoshida
Still Photography: Houmi Sakata
PAs: Daigo Kono, Yuito Okazaki
Rentals: Jemleykenato
Additional Casting: Sports Magic

Shanghai. Sydney. Oslo. Tokyo.