Posted on: September 8, 2020

PUSH Japan and Red Bull TV present: “Playing Fields”

“Playing Fields”: Exploring the Japanese video game industry

From the beloved consoles that are ubiquitous in households across the globe, to the classic arcade cabinets that spark nostalgia with every press of a button, to the hundreds and thousands of iconic characters spanning a milieu of fan-favourite franchises, there are few scenes anywhere in the world that can match Japan’s video-game culture, and its sheer creativity, craftsmanship and influence.

Spread across four ten-minute episodes that thematically span E-Sports, Arcade Gaming, Indie Development and Triple-A Titles, “Playing Fields” is a deep-dive into every aspect of Japan’s kaleidoscopic video-game landscape. Shot extensively in Japan across multiple periods throughout 2018 and 2019, the series is a comprehensive introduction to the culture that features interviews with industry veterans including Hideki Okamura (SEGA), Toshihiro Nagoshi (SEGA), Yoko Taro (Nier) and top-tier pro-gamers such as Street Fighter legend, Daigo.

A PUSH production through-and-through, “Playing Fields” was directed and shot by our very own Charles Lanceplaine and Victor Ivanov, respectively, with co-direction from Daniel Agha-Rafei. Check out the four episodes on Red Bull TV now:



Playing Fields Arcade episode

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