Posted on: January 28, 2021

Jackson Wang & Galantis – “Pretty Please”

One of the most exciting pop artists in Asia, if not the world, on current form, Jackson Wang and his crew, Team Wang, came to us to produce the video for his single, “Pretty Please”, an unbelievably catchy, disco-inflected anthem produced by Swedish EDM duo, Galantis.

A hands-on creator across all elements of his work, Jackson gave us a challenge: To translate his love for Hong Kong cinema into a contemporary music video that would pay homage to ‘90s-era directorial greats, while still capturing the attention of a Tik Tok-generation audience.

In the words of Jackson Wang himself, “the song is a love story about me falling in love with a girl and confessing how much I adore her. Growing up as a kid, I watched a lot of Hong Kong Chinese movies, which were the visual inspirations for this music video.” The artist himself was keen to show his admiration for actors of that era, and made a point of presenting this love story in the style of ’90s Hong Kong cinema with its overarching tone and manner.

Recruiting superstar dance group The Kinjaz, as well as reuniting Jackson with the same actress who played his love interest in the “100 Ways” music video, we gave “Pretty Please” an updated Romeo-and-Juliet treatment, turning the song into the soundtrack of a contemporary love story, full of visual flair and emotive choreography befitting of the track’s audio hooks.

The video was a huge success, racking up over 22 Million views on Jackson Wang’s YouTube, over 15 Million on both his Weibo and Tencent Video pages, and spawning the Tik Tok hashtag #prettypleasejackson that has registered over 22 Million views and tens-of-thousands of UGC dance submissions.